Friday, 8 August 2014

Fairy-Tale Poem

This is a poem that I wrote about Sleeping Beauty entitled "Aurora the Rose".

I never did see such a beautiful rose,
With it’s perfect red petals that it blooms and grows.
The harsh winter came and sent it to sleep,
And the sad little kingdom started to weep.
A leaf blew by in the spring breeze,
It came to the rose from the tallest of trees.
It did indeed wake the sleeping flower,
Doesn’t love have such wonderful power? 

This poem is about a princess named Aurora (or Sleeping Beauty), who’s beautiful and fair like a rose. The harsh winter refers to the evil fairy Maleficent who sent Aurora to sleep, like winter does to all flowers. The kingdom was very upset about their beloved princess. Prince Phillip, the leaf, came in the spring when flowers bloom again. He came from the tallest tree meaning he came from a royal family tree which was higher than all the others because royals are often seen as better people than others. He woke up Aurora with a kiss, like the spring. Love truly is the most powerful thing on earth.

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